Pay On Delivery

The smartest way to buy online from sellers you don’t know.

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We have a hold on the buyers credit/debit card as a guarantee for payment throughout the transaction process, the seller's product if returned must be in the same condition as it was when it was shipped. If the seller doesn't have any complaints of the product not being "in the same condition" 24 hours after the return is delivered then the buyer payment hold is released.
Love the idea! Although it could run into the problem that the App store developers have with the return in one day policy. Say they person only needed it that one day then they could just send it back. The user will love that, but the Sellers won't at all. Loss of a sale. Maybe implementing some kind of deposit in the future.
This is how flipkart started in India. Is seller trust a major issue stateside?
Yes, probably non existent on non-ebay selling sites like Craigslist, Instagram, FB etc. thats why there are no clear cut payment solutions to buy and sell on those marketplaces, until Payondelivery.