Pay Me Or Else!

How to avoid and deal with clients who don’t pay (ebook)

#5 Product of the DayApril 15, 2015
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Was super honored to be asked to participate/share a tidbit of my past freelance career and the lessons I learned during throughout it. Excited to see it hit the digital shelf and be shared with the world! Go download it now, it's free!
@imcatnoone Awesome! By the way, I added it to my "freebies" collection:
@imcatnoone @v4violetta that is super awesome! Thanks :)
This book is great! A lot of information I wish I knew when I was starting out. Don't see why the email is a problem though...
This is really necessary. And I love that it's free. :)
Quick note for Gmail users... After submitting my email in exchange for the ebook, a newsletter confirmation message came through to my general inbox, but the message containing the actual ebook dropped into the "Promotions" tab.
@recal1brate Thanks Ryan! Good to know...
Wow this is awesome. Sending this to like a billion people who need this immediately.
@clarkvalberg Thanks Clark! That would be amazing :) Thanks for your support!