Video Vets on Demand

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This is an outstanding idea, very well executed. The gap between people, pets & vets has been too long for too long. Pawsquad is going to revolutionise animal welfare, reduce exorbitant costs and create a new market of internet savvy experts who are going to disrupt this segment. Well done Francesco and team!
@hunglee Thanks for the nice words! Over 50% of pet owners consult Google as their first port of advice. According to a research commissioned by the BVA, 94% of vets believe that this behaviour is unhelpful to pet owners and harmful to their pets (80% of vets believe that pet owners bring in pets later than they should.) So, what we provide to pet owners is an efficient and reliable way to determine whether their pet needs to see a vet or if the issue can be addressed by following the advice the vet provides over video. The way we do this is by offering a "Differential Diagnosis” - that is guidelines or insight into the most likely causes of the clinical signs the pet owner has discussed with the vet given the information available. During the consultation the veterinary surgeon will be able to advise whether diagnostics are required and in what time period they recommend the pet owner arrange to see the bricks and mortar vet.