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previously listed as for dogs. But I agree with @bentossell that that's probably not v. accurate
@_jacksmith yeah I'd assume ' for dogs' would mean the dogs are dating. Not a human adopting a doggy 🐶
@bentossell @_jacksmith haha, does a for dogs exist?
@_jacksmith No, I posted it as "eHarmony for pets and people" a couple months back ( - Way different than!! :P I always thought the whole dating analogy was strange though too... but it's even how they describe themselves on their Facebook page: " is the eHarmony® for pets and people that brings pet adoption, parenting & re-homing into a single solution."
@rrhoover @_jacksmith for pets is straight up brilliant. The pet industry continues to grow each year w/o any sign of slowing down.
Absolutely love this idea. Have a few friends that want specific dogs and don't want to go through an adoption process cause they think it will take too long to find what they want. This helps so much in narrowing down based on need and like that you can even filter by size/age/breed.