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Very cool! One note, the logo and name are very similar to Paw, the API client for Mac. May want to consider tweaking it for better discoverability. Great work!
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@rgoodwin was thinking the same thing, would be surprised if they didn't find it while working on this. 🤔
Just bought and I like it so far! @liamdforsyth Any plans to add the number of cards in each List like the Ultimello Chrome extension does? That's a really useful addition that I can't imagine not having now that I've used it for so long. They have some other cool features like Sorting that would make a Mac client more powerful too.
@imakestrides That's great, thank you! We'll add number of cards to the todo list for next release. Sorting and other power ups will come a bit later after the Windows version is ready, but we're not done with adding features for sure. Let us know if you have any other requests or feedback :)
@dotmilosz Nice, sounds good! Maybe power user features could be an opportunity for a Freemium business model to get more users? If the basics were free and I liked it after trying it out, I'd pay $9.99 at least for premium features like list card counts, sorting, etc. Just a thought. Keep up the good work, and good luck with it!
@imakestrides still blows my mind that sorting by due date isn't a native Trello feature. Why even have a due date if the card is burried in a list out of view?
@gerbz Totally agree! I wish the Due Date didn't have to have a Time too. Trello is awesome, but it could use some more flexibility for sure.
OMG this is awesome. Please implement multiple account support! Would make this a killer app.
Multiple account support would indeed be awesome @dotmilosz @liamdforsyth.
Sorry but this is just Trello.com wrapped in an Electron app. Not enough additional features. I created my own Electron version almost out the box.
Nice, I've been waiting for something like this!