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Hi everyone! Super excited to share with you all what Emily and I (founders of Pawprint) have been working on. We've created an app to manage all your pet's data in one place. Best part about it is we'll fetch your current vaccination records from your vet for free! No more loose papers or scrambling to figure out when your furry loved one's vaccinations are due. Let us know if you have any questions or feedback!
Pawprint is a mobile app for pet parents to manage pet care. It gets your pet's official medical records from their veterinarian for free. It'll remind you when vaccines and annuals are expiring so you know to book an appointment for your pet. You can also track events for anything from daily feeding to monthly flea medication and share everything with co-owners and petsitters.
@katmanalac Interesting take on this! Couple questions for you regarding the process. 1) You mentioned that your team fetches the record for the vaccinations from your vet. What's the process for that? Do you have associates who are retrieving the files manually or do you have a partnership with veterinarians where you're retrieving the data via an API? 2) If the former, whats the safety on this? Are they certified or have gone through background checks to handle your pet's information?
@whoisnatelam 1. There is a Pawprint employee who contacts the vets and helps them understand our service. We are also working on some API integrations with veterinary partners so we can sync the data rather than manually updating each time. 2. As an employee, she has been screened by our team. She's also worked at veterinary clinics before and is a huge animal lover, of course :)
great concept! can't wait to use this for my cavalier
This is such a great idea! We have 2 cats and a dog, all different ages and vaccination stages and we are constantly juggling paperwork. This could also be GREAT for animal foster networks. I volunteer with a foster network and its very hard to figure out vaccines for fostered animals as they go between so many homes and shelters.
@mitali Yes, paper is difficult! We've been talking about working with shelters/fosters for a while - and now that we have co-owners and caretakers on the app, it's easy to transfer pets to new owners or share info to foster parents. Would your network be interested in trying out a partnership with us? Email me at if you want to chat more!
Cool stuff! I've had this annoying folder that I've tried to keep up to date and I'm hoping this app will really help as far as keeping her medical records around. Definitely solves a problem, and I imagine this will give the creators a 'Mint' style way to sell you dog products/services/insurance down the road. I had to enter my local vet into the system and am excited by the idea of the company dealing with the records so I don't have to. One question though, how do I keep the records up to date? Do I need to request records after every vet visit through the app?
@davepinke Hi Dave! Thanks for trying out Pawprint and we definitely hear ya on the folder problem. Emily has two dogs and has been lugging around a giant folder with her every time she moves and tries to find a new groomer! We are working on a way to get updated records automatically on every visit but for now you'll have to manually request for these through the app.