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Jesse Ditson
  • Pros: 

    - Free (donation based, not freemium) forever

    - Does one thing well

    - Unlimited accounts

    - Transparent maintainer


    The website itself occasionally goes down, which only prevents you from accessing webmail and/or adding users (doesn't break email).

    Ever since Google dropped the free version of Google Apps for Business (now known as GSuite), I've been on the hunt for a simple, easy to set up service that won't charge me for a simple mail server. For about a year, I've been using Pawnmail for my silly, prospective, and low-traffic domains.

    The service is run by donations, and I love how the maintainer is upfront about how many days of runway are left. It's unclear what happens when you hit the 2GB limit -- but in my case if I'm using that much mail, I'll move to something with some semblance of a reliability promise.

    For the many domains I have bought for small projects or laughs, it's great to be able to set up emails without the ceremony of the other free email servers I've found.

    While I wouldn't rely on Pawnmail for business-critical emails, it does a fantastic job of being a bare-minimum, totally transparent service.

    In a time where every "feature" startup seems to be trying to pivot to SaaS or Freemium, it's refreshing to see a service that is content doing one thing well and providing a truly free (as in beer) service.


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Derek Shanahan
Derek ShanahanHunterPro@dshan · Three Hex, Cloud Unicorn
Seems a good option for side projects now that Google Apps costs dough. Caveat: Haven't tried it.
Jack Smith
Jack Smith@_jacksmith · Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Adviser
@dshan good point, I didn't consider the fact that Google Apps is charging when considering the pros/cons
Lachlan Campbell
Lachlan Campbell@lachlanjc · Hack Club design/JS—HS 🎓—they/them—🌈
Awesome service. I'm using it for both my personal mail and for Noodles. I'm wondering about the 2GB limit though…what happens when you hit it?
Frank Fumarola
Frank Fumarola@ffumarola · Product at Pinterest, Formerly Facebook
I wonder how much deliverability is effected due to the products lack of scale.
Irving Torres
Irving Torres@irvingtorresyc · Freelance Designer
This is great. The main competition would be Zohomail right? Also free?