Dog training app teaching basics to advanced

Pawey is a dog training app for new and existing owners. With Pawey your dog will learn all the basics skills from getting off something they're not supposed to be on to putting themselves to bed. Completing each course will earn rosettes and Pawey provides little hints and tips along the way. Enrol your dog in Pawey School today.

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Hey Guys, Something we've been working on along with my dog Hercule is Pawey. An app to help new or existing owners train their dog starting with the basics and finally graduating College. Each course builds on previously learnt skills allowing your dog to pick up each new lesson more quickly. The courses have been designed by ourselves using a variation of methods including: Nothing in life is free & Positive reinforcement. Pawey was built as we wanted a way to train Herc at a nice comfortable pace and existing solutions focussed heavily on the "game" side of learning. We've used a variety of dogs and their owners to test our courses and we'll be adding new ones regularly. Right now there's no account sign up required and everything works offline. We plan to add in account sign up later on but will still have the option to remain anonymous. You can also subscribe to email updates via the app profile page, if you like. We've a truly exciting roadmap ahead and can't wait to hear feedback from customers to help make Pawey a great community of dog owners #woof! We've also just released the Apple watch app of Pawey!
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Sean D. EmoryFounder of Avory & Co. Growth investing.
Excellent job