Paw Tracker

GPS tracker for your dog or cat

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Looks quite bulky compared to other similar products out there..(like just a collar).. Whats the big differentiator of Paw Tracker?
@bentossell -- not only that, I feel this is an overpriced tracker...I've seen GPS tags for as cheap as $2 (which does the same job) and even the best one costs around $30-40, while this tracker costs $200 (1 year subscription--- I don't know why??) .. so basically you are paying 6 times the cost for a bulky tracker...I don't see its benefits...if I'm wrong, feel free to comment below :) Added to this, the subscription costs $99/year (???) to be honest, I can buy a good smartwatch for $200 and use it instead of paw tracker..:P
I got to know the makers through their ecommerce store. Perhaps this would eliminate the posters of lost pets in my neighbourhood one day!
@elbahnasy add them as makers then ;)
@bentossell email sent to get Nick's Twitter handle, otherwise I have added @ThePetGPS
@elbahnasy no company accounts πŸ™…
@bentossell ah, hopefully I can get Nicks Twitter handle soon... Come on Nick!