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Pavemint connects people looking for parking with people who have parking to share, so you can find parking when you need it and earn money when you don't.

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Hello Hunters! My name is Max and I’m Chief of Product for Pavemint. Our team has been hard at work bringing Pavemint to life, and we are beyond excited to be presenting it to the Product Hunt community! We created Pavemint to unlock parking spaces in cities where the majority of the land dedicated to parking is private and not accessible to the general public. Take Los Angeles, for example: despite being home to 18.6-million parking spaces, which is more than 3 per registered vehicle, parking is a nightmare in most parts of town. What’s crazy is that the personal inconvenience is just the tip of the iceberg. Studies have shown that 30% of city traffic is caused by people cruising for parking. This all adds up to staggering amounts of air pollution, wasted fuel and wasted time. Pavemint is a passion project for us that’s as much about making our cities smarter, cleaner places to live as it is about streamlining our daily routines so we can arrive happier, wherever we may be going. Our primary focus today is in Los Angeles, where we have built up a peer-to-peer network of over 4,000 parking spaces. We’d love for you to park with us, or even create a listing on the platform if you have space to share. You can use the code: PRODUCTHUNT to get up to $25 off your first parking reservation! 😸🌟 I’m here to answer any questions you may have, so please ask away!
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Love the name! Cool idea too.
@imakestrides Thanks so much! Looks like you are doing some very cool and inspiring things yourself at
@max_baybak Thanks Max! I really appreciate it. We'd love to have you guys on the Summit beta if you're interested. Looking forward to using Pavemint in Columbus, OH someday. 😀
@imakestrides Signed up for the Summit Beta! Pavemint + Columbus in the future for sure!

I used to never want to leave my house because I feared to lose my parking spot. With Pavemint, I'm now able to go out knowing I'm taken care of when I got home.


Saving time. Saving money. Having a peace of mind.


Ha! Only Pros Here