PaveAI 2.0

Turn Google Analytics into actionable insights using A.I.

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Thanks for hunting us @katmanalac! Hey PH :) We built PaveAI because we were frustrated analyzing Google Analytics, and since our first version, we’ve rebuilt our A.I. analysis + reporting engine from the ground up: - Specific recommendations: get insights like “60% of your blog visitors are aged 18-24, who contributed to 6% of revenue. Target users aged 25-44 instead.” or “Last August, Shirt:Blue sales increased by 73%. Promote this or similar items this August.” - Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Instagram Ads integration: automatically connect with analytics and learn how to optimize your campaigns. - Intelligent Tables: we automatically do all the segmenting, expanding if a particular location/demographic/device does significantly better or worse for a certain marketing channel or product. - Stability improvements: we were not expecting the high amount of traffic when we first launched, and our product + onboarding process was buggy. We fixed that :) We’d love to hear what your feedback and answer any questions you may have! -Eric
@eric_ho Congrats on the launch! Go Velocity!
@eric_ho congrats on the launch!
@katmanalac @eric_ho Great tool,. You better try to track your metrics too.
This looks really good!!! 👍👍
@sarim_haq Thank you :)
This looks promising! Interesting to see all the data in Google Analytics being translated into recommendations.
Thanks :)
This is an awesome product. I’m just starting to get into Google Analytics, but analysis is such a pain. This takes a lot of the frustration away.
Thanks @mihir_deo!
As a startup founder who wears many hats, analytics sometimes doesn't get the attention it needs when you're working on product and talking to users. While Google Analytics has stepped up their user interface, it still doesn't give me the quick insights that Pave provides to test and iterate. Thanks for building this! Keep up the great work!
@asong408 Thank you for your kind words Andrew!