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Thanks for hunting Kat! Hey - Eric, cofounder at PaveIQ here. We built PaveIQ because we think that users should get more actionable insights from Google Analytics than just seeing "your bounce rate increased by 15%". While Google Analytics is super powerful, it can sometimes get overwhelming. PaveIQ takes accounts of your marketing efforts, and based on your goals, analyzes your data and sends you a monthly report with data-driven recommendations. We'd love to hear your feedback and answer any questions!
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If you've ever been frustrated learning and digging through Google Analytics, PaveIQ simplifies all of your data into actionable insights. It digs through all your data, and based on your goals, gives your specific suggestions on how to improve your marketing and site efforts. I love it!
Looks interesting! Would've loved to give it a try instantely instead of having to wait one business day. Maybe you want to think about instant access demo since your sales pages tells me very little about the actual experience. Doesn't even have to be with my own account data, just show me what to expect.
@tim_von_janssen boy have to agree with you here!!! Not even a video promo / demo? I have always hated google analytics because it was frightening and very complicated to learn.. here's a site aiming to help someone just like me and all I get is 2 screen grabs and a "request a demo"?? I'm sorry but you lost a potential customer (not to mention the pricing... I have a blog with 200k page views and i'm far from convinced that paying $100/month is something I need to do. Y'all gotta put a ton of marketing in there please to help me understand what I get before I dive in... and yes, I get that sales calls will likely get higher conversions, but you'll never get me to request a demo without more info.
@eric_ho thanks for building this! As a growth marketer, I remember the initial learning curve with Google Analytics. I spent hours and hours reading Web Analytics 2.0 and @avinash 's blog just to get a few reports set up the right way. What motivated you into solving this pain point? Was it your own or did you 'find' a market need for it from others?
@gabsong Thanks :) I was doing the analytics for a bunch of sites and I was just tired of digging through all that data, comparing it with my marketing efforts, and trying to find that piece of information that I could act on.
We've been working with Eric and the PaveIQ for a while. It's been a great way to not only stay on top of our monthly UX optimizations, but uncover new insights and opportunities we would have otherwise missed.