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besides PG, who are the top essayists in technology?
@eriktorenberg my personal favorites are PG, then Sam Altman and Fred Wilson, mostly startup and innovation stuff for me though, not technology in general. What's yours?
@eriktorenberg Joel Spolsky (@spolsky) is mostly 'retired' but his classic stuff is pretty much what got me into tech in the first place: check out And @BenedictEvans has some of the most interesting analysis on current trends:
@gillianim @eriktorenberg @spolsky @BenedictEvans I would add Brad Feld @bfeld. He's not really active as much now, but Clay Shirky's @cshirky blog used to be really good. Some of it is still very relevant.
@eriktorenberg Ben Horowitz writes about his incredible operating experience over at @bhorowitz
Does anyone know PG or someone from his network and can show him this :D? I'd really love it for him to see it.
Thanks @erictwillis for posting! :) So I made three categories by what I thought people would like to search by them. Is there a category that you guys would like to search by? What tags interested you the most? Would love to hear how you used it. Are there any blogs you'd like to search in a similar fashion? I'd love to get recommendations for such blogs. Or any blogger here who wants this for his content. All welcome to talk to me on @saedmn.
This is awesome. Can I request one about something?
@travelintweeter yes of course :)

PG's website is kinda old-skool but some of his essays are timeless classics that people should read over and over again. It's just incredibly hard to search through them, and this tool makes it a breeze.


these are basically "tagged" PG Essays. Invaluable.


well, it could show the actual essay in better formatting, if I'm to suggest anything..