CSS library to fill empty background with beautiful patterns

CSS only library to fill your empty background with beautiful patterns.
* Only CSS. No JavaScript!
* < 1KB minified and gzipped!
* Supports all modern browsers
* Built Using SCSS.
* Full color control.
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Hey Product Hunt! 👋 I'm the maker of pattern.css I made this because I frequently used background patterns in web design. Earlier I used svg or image patterns in the background, but when I realized there should be an easy way to use these patterns, I made this css library. There  are many possible patterns that can be made with css but I used only the most common. Hope you enjoy this product and please let us know what you think.
Thank you for making it and posting here! Huge time saver for anyone who'd like to use CSS patterns to decorate a website.
Very cool, this is really awesome and you can do so much with it too.
Awesome job! As a developer I can see how this is very useful for :)