Simple, focused, drawing application for the iPad.

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Just downloaded and started playing with this. I'd love some support for "shape snapping" with the Pencil, but it's a solid first release!
@rianvdm nice hunt! 👌 @_andychung I like the minimalism of the landing page. Simple & powerfull. Added to Product Pages (:
Dope idea. Clean execution. Would upvote again.
Thanks for the support! I really appreciate it, and happy to answer any questions you guys might have about the app.
@_andychung Hi. Not working on my iPad Pro 9.7 (iOS Beta 10 latest beta) — but maybe its just me and this latest beta. I would love to use this app :) — keep it up!!!
@rmatos74 Hey Ricardo, there's a known issue with iOS 10. I'll be pushing an update soon! Sorry about that.
@_andychung I want to buy an ipad just to try your app 😄
@_andychung Looks great! but it won't launch on my Pro iOS 9.3.5. Even after a couple restarts
@_andychung I deleted it and reinstalled. Working now. :D
Beautiful App 🖊
Great concept. Reminds me of another app which I used to have on my iPad - Lekh Diagram. It would be great to have similar features here.