Donation matching for small businesses

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The founder, Cameron, is a long-time friend. Not every company can be mission driven, but with Patronage you can give employees the option to donate and companies can match.
Hey everyone, Cameron here. We've always done work in the social good sphere, primarily working with non-profits directly. Once we reached the point as a company where we started offering benefits, we wanted to do offer something that would stand out and attract people who value impact and giving back. We actually tried to run a program on our own, but found that even with just 4 employees, it was surprisingly difficult. When we looked at existing software solutions, they were all expensive and aimed at enterprise companies. From that Patronage was born, and our employees are now able to give up to $100 a month, which we match with a single credit card transaction at month's end. Happy to answer any questions about Patronage, or about what it's like running a donation matching program. Also curious to hear from others who've either had experience with these programs at current or past jobs, or considered starting them as a startup/small business.
This looks like a great product and a great service. Thanks Cameron for putting this out there!
This is awesome. Great to see someone helping small businesses provide some of the meaningful perks that larger corporations do.