Sell Online Courses from your Own Website

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Hey Producthunt, I'm a Patience co-founder and happy to answer any questions you have! We also want to offer you guys a special 50% LIFETIME Discount with the coupon PHLOVE! At Patience we are on a mission to help experts, trainers, coaches and educational companies to successfully grow their online training businesses. We provide you with a suite of tools and services to help you turn your expertise into online revenue. Create and sell interactive online courses, webinars and educational content directly from your own website or through the marketplaces and educational platforms we are partnering with. Happy hunting! :) Nikolaus
HT to @chnsydney for bringing this to my attention - I'm a big fan of elearning and think it's a great addition to the space!
@chnsydney @riaface Awesome guys! Thanks so much for spotting and featuring us on PH. I am happy to answer any question you might have and we have issued a crazy 50% LIFETIME Coupon for everybody here at Producthunt: PHLOVE
Nice, you guys look similar to Fedora - (full disclosure, I'm an investor, user, & fan) -- I've seen them around a lot more so I imagine you guys are pretty new. What makes you different?
@meshlakhani some similarities but also many distinctions. while fedora is a great tool, Patience is more a suite of services (and tools). We help our partners with a 360° package to grow their online training business - kind of like your external "Digital Department". Our average partner spends +1,000/month on our services - but earns six digits a year.
@nikolausthomale Oh nice! I didn't realize Patience had larger sites as customers. Mind linking a few? Great work.
@meshlakhani of course. check out some examples like: (largest e-learning site for law students in Germany, sadly German only though) http://courses.intrapreneursnetw... send me a mail if you are interested in more details (
Thanks @riaface, I've tried the platform myself and I definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to sell his online courses from a dedicated website!
Nice to see this here. I've been meaning to use Patience but other commitments have always kept me away. @nikolausthomale, I still owe you a call :)
@alirtariq Schedule a call with me right here: - I am more than happy to talk to you and learn more about your goals and how we can help!