Pathwright 2

A beautiful, personal web app for teaching people anything.

#1 Product of the DayNovember 03, 2016
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The landing page is adorable. 😻
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@rrhoover Agreed. That is beautifully crafted. So amazing to see people still putting a lot of time into making truly outstanding products like that.
@rrhoover Agree! This is pretty cool :D
@rrhoover the landing page is unusable on an iPad. Which is a shame, it doesn't fill me with confidence about the care for usability and accessibility in the product.
@drcongo Hi Andy, sorry about that! We're about to deploy a few fixes for the issues you're experiencing on your iPad. I can assure you that the web app itself works great on the iPad, we just have more work to do on this announcement page. Thanks for chiming in!
@drcongo The landing page works fine for me on iPhone and iPad. Desktop experience is definitely the 💣.
Thanks for sharing, Matthew. Hello everyone, I’m one of the Cofounders and Lead Developer for Pathwright. Four years ago, before Udemy, Skillshare, MOOCs, or iTunesU existed, we launched Pathwright to enable anyone to teach and sell online courses under their own brand. Since then, online courses have become mainstream and our team has grown 3X, bootstrapping the whole way. Now we’re very excited to announce Pathwright 2. It’s a totally different approach to learning compared to traditional “Learner Management Systems” (LMS) or the newer category of course-authoring/commerce platforms. A few notable differences to check out in Pathwright 2: * It's all about the people: With Pathwright 2, our primary goal was to put people first on every screen. * More like an app than a website: Learning and teaching is an active process (like an app) not just a passive experience of consumption (like a website or shopping catalog). Pathwright 2 works more like an app and on any screen size. * Radar: As a teacher, you can literally see where everyone is in your learning path. * Community: We built discussion features designed specifically for learning and teaching, not just a tacked on forum or comment stream. * Environment: There’s something about a beautiful campus or library that creates a desire to learn in itself. Unfortunately most education software is boring and generic. Our goal with Pathwright 2 was to create a uniquely beautiful learning experience that also gives a unique sense of place and wonder to every learning experience. * Create projects, assessments, sell subscriptions, and so much more... I and my other cofounder (and evil twin) @paul_johnson are here to answer any of your questions! P.S. bonus points to whoever can find the easter eggs 😉
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@wmdmark @paul_johnson Checking this out now! Quick question - who designed your homepage - I am looking for a more interactive one for my start-up.
@giannascatchell Hi Gianna, we did all the design and development in house!
@wmdmark @giannascatchell amazing job! Creating a course right away!
@paul_johnson Great product! Loved the landing page. What technology stack are you guys using? :)
Wow, this is one of those few products that I can't help but comment on. Excellent work with the landing page and product 😍 I will definitely be adding this to my arsenal. This will make creating educational content enjoyable and painless.
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@garetmckinley thank you Garet!
@wmdmark no, thank you for the amazing product! 👏🏻 I already registered my school and will begin setting up my first course this afternoon. I'll make sure to supply any feedback I have while using it 😸
@garetmckinley Awesome! We're glad to have you! Let us know if we can help with anything at all.
Really dig the vision here! Congrats on the launch team.
@mazzeo Thank you, Matt!
Beautiful work, guys. Love the Harry Potter Easter egg too! 🔮
@asktimothybuck thanks Tim :)