A collaborative app to plan get-togethers with your friends.

Whether it is for a restaurant, a home event or a day-trip, create a "crew" with your friends. Together, vote to find an agreement on a date, an activity and a place. If needed, find inspiration of new activities or paths recommended by likeminded "Pathers".

Finally, access to your dedicated profile gathering all your discoveries, photos, etc.

Aurélie Adam
Mathieu HA-SUM
  • Mathieu HA-SUM
    Mathieu HA-SUMStudent, Web Freak, Reader | @Scholia

    Nice recommendation system that feels different. Very pleasant UX and UI.


    Better when friends are using the app.

    I've been following the project since early prototypes, glad to see the team constantly improving the app and the community growing fast!

    Mathieu HA-SUM has used this product for one year.
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Benjamin Riveline
Benjamin Riveline@benjamin_riveline · Alan
Simple, smooth and clear process ! Shared with friends, keep track of paths to come Great jobs team !
Tom Halimi
Tom HalimiMaker@tom_pathtime · Learning new things every day
Hello everyone, PathTime is live, for now our community is mostly based in Paris but slowly spreading in London, Montreal, Shanghai, Madrid, Miami and NY. Looking forward to see you comments !
Rafa Elle
Rafa Elle@rafa_elle1
Easy, fun, go get it and share with your friends, so everythings will get easier