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Alex Iskold
Alex IskoldHunter@alexiskold · Managing Director, Techstars NYC
Pathgather, a recent Techstars NYC alum, is the new approach to enterprise learning that helps employees learn more, share what they know, and connect around their professional development. Several things make Pathgather unique and exciting. First, it is employee driven, and actually empowers people to learn. Secondly, in addition to making available all the corporate learning content, Pathgather comes pre-built with the best learning content from around the web. The software is also really beautiful and easy to use.
Eddie Wharton
Eddie Wharton@eawharton · Data Scientist, Dinner Lab
Looks very cool. It seems like some of the benefits (social / chance to be an expert) don't really kick in unless the organization is big enough? What is the target customer size?
Desi Saran
Desi Saran@desisaran · Growth Strategist, Lean Startup Machine
I saw the demo at Tech Stars demo day, awesome product and team.
Kevin Rose
Kevin Rose@kevinrose · Builder of internet things.
The chimes and bango music on the demo video is slowly killing me.... startups, please, new music...
Eric Aborn Duffy
Eric Aborn Duffy@dufstar · CEO, Pathgather
Thanks @EAWharton! You're right, most of our customers, like Qualcomm and HBO, have 1,000+ employees, but we've found organizations can benefit from our ability to identify experts all the way down to 50 people.