A career advisor powered by AI

PathBase is an AI career advisor that helps young professionals build dream careers by spotting their biggest skill gaps, and bringing them the best resources (on the web & at your company) to develop those skills. πŸ€–
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Wow! Amazing!
I just tried the product and it's awesome !! it really predicted all the skills that i have been pursuing and will be pursuing !! Kudos to team PathBase !!!!!
@porush_puri Thanks a ton for the kind comments, and very glad the recommendations turned out accurate! πŸ™Œ Please let me know (here or to if you have any questions and/or suggestions! πŸ˜ƒ
it's really amazing
Hi everyone, Jae from PathBase here! (Thx @chrismessina for the hunt πŸ™Œ) Super excited to share this app with you all! As some of you may know, this is the first public launch for the project, and it wouldn't have made it here if not for our awesome closed Beta users (huge shoutout to you guys πŸ“£). I've been building PathBase on the side by myself, self-teaching coding along the way (probably why it took so long πŸ˜…) and struggling with exposure. With this PH launch, I'm hoping to gather users, feedback, and momentum to take the project to the next level. Story πŸ“– PathBase started from my own frustrations of being in a job unaligned with my passions, having limited time/energy to grow on the side, and a super obscure career development process. This is something I saw countless around me suffer and really wanted to solve it. 😠 Not allocating our talent to roles we love (where we tend to perform best in) stalls us from solving the world's major challenges. It's simply a highly inefficient use of talent and a barrier to individual happiness. 🌍 Where is it going? πŸŒ… So far, the focus has been on getting the individual's experience right. This means that the app is able to quickly analyze a user's resume/profile, derive level of expertise for each skill, and make recommendations on which skills to build and how. Next steps will consist of: 1. Add integrations to our daily workflow (i.e. Email, Slack, MS Teams) 2. Enable collaborative learning by connecting users to each other (via teams and/or public communities) 3. Enable companies to optimize employees' lifelong learning so the skills they build are aligned with both individual career goals, and companies' skill gaps. Please reach out with any questions/comments and I'll be more than happy to chat. Hope you guys enjoy it!