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Path to Product is a new job board just for product managers! Discover over 1,500 product jobs, filter by location, experience level, and setup email alerts matching your search.

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Hey Product Hunt! I’m Danny, the maker of Path to Product, a job board for product managers. Thanks for joining me for my first launch! It also happens to be my first production application, so I’m pumped to share it with you 😊 As someone with a business background surrounded by amazing engineers and designers in the startup world, I always found myself wishing I could create something of my own. Something tangible. A while back I decided to dig in, actually learn to program (which I’d done a bit of here and there in the past) and build something real. Fast forward a bit and what started out as a fun way of learning Vue.js turned into Path to Product. I know landing a new job can be tough, especially in a field as competitive as product management, so I wanted to create something to help. While a more targeted job board is only a small step toward that, I have a lot more on the way and I’m excited for you to check it out. Let me know what you think and feel free to ask any questions!
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Amazing! This would be the definitive way to find product jobs!
This is an awesome resource. Thanks for giving back to the community @danny_feinberg
Thanks @ethreep0! Glad you like it.
Good job, Danny! Are you sourcing the jobs from somewhere else or will we manually add our jobs to your site?
Hey @aurorakb, thanks for checking it out! Right now the majority of jobs are sourced directly from individual company career pages, based on the applicant tracking system used. The goal is to grab as many jobs as possible without companies having to manually add them. However, since not every company has a jobs page that can be captured this way, I'm considering a way for companies to check if it's being scanned, and if not, submit their site. Should be a fun challenge!
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Nice job Danny! Question: how are you getting the latest product jobs and ensuring they’re up to date?
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Thanks @mrxuanli and great question! When I originally built the site I worked with a number of the larger job sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter, using their APIs to pull in jobs. However, it turned into a pretty nasty challenge of parsing through a lot of junk and as you suggested, they weren't always up to date. Now, I go right to the company career pages—the assumption being if the job is still on their own site, it's still available. While that isn't always 100% true, those pages are typically far more up-to-date. So just as I can get the jobs from the career pages, I can also check if a job I already have is no longer there and then archive it.