Path 5.0

Simple, personal social networking

So, does this mean that Path Talk is being merged with Path? In any case, demonstrates the truism: All apps expand until they support messaging, or in this case, the messaging app eats the parent (hear that Facebook?! Messenger is coming for you!)
@chrismessina Ben Evans made that argument is his most recent blog post. "Internal disruption" if I recall correctly.
@chrismessina not in the blog post but as a comment one one of the links in his newsletter. "But the interesting thing about all the moves to make Messenger a platform is that they're all about changing user acquisition and engagement - which is what most of that $13.35bn was for. So, internal disruption. "
@chrismessina too true. Marc Andreesen can now officially amend his famous quote "Software is eating the world" with "Messaging is eating software."
Can't believe this is still around.
@talkaboutdesign they have a pretty big user base in Indonesia.
Got my immediate family on the platform two years ago as a 'family social network'. The separate all doesn't have the cache for those in my family that are reticent FB users. All 8 of us are basically daily actives, but the product inherently has no natural growth component because of that. So I do what I ought and pay for annual premium because I feel guilty :-)
And it happens in reverse too if you look at Band as a byproduct of Line and KakaoStory rolling out after Talk.
"Path" can't be installed. Try again and if the problem continues, get help troubleshooting. (Error code: -505) ^^ Nexus 6P Error Message. Maybe it doesn't work on the latest version of Android? Anyone have any ideas?
@pomajp Got the same error message on my Nexus 5X! :(