PatentBot 2.0

Bot that helps to register trademarks & timestamp copyright.

PatentBot is the Bot of the 2017 Year by Product Hunt. For more than 1.5 years, PatentBot has helped to register trademarks in the USA, EU and Ukraine. It is a quick, easy, and cheap way to protect your IP rights.

  • Dmitry Pleshakov
    Dmitry PleshakovCEO, Captain Growth

    Perfect solution for those, who don't really love interacting with lawyers (like myself :)


    Havent' found yet

    I follow what guys are doing for more than a year and it is just incredible. PatentBot is becoming stronger from day to day covering new countries, languages and types of intellectual property. Strongly recommend for startups, who don't have time and money for a legal routine.

    Dmitry Pleshakov has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Incredibly necessary service for business that really appreciates the own products


    No Cons

    The opportunity of registration copyright on the blockchain is a new era of copyright protection all over the world.

    Nataly Komarnytska has used this product for one year.
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Valentin Pivovarov
Valentin PivovarovMaker@valentin_pivovarov · Contributor Forbes
Hi everyone! It is our second launch on Product Hunt. We are thrilled to be here again. Our team re-built PatentBot – now it is faster, smarter and more user-friendly. Today we are here to launch our next solution – copyright registration on the blockchain. So, in few words – PatentBot is a chatbot that helps you to protect your IP in 5 minutes. You can register trademarks and copyrights quickly and reliably. People love our bot and are spreading the word about it. We are operating in 30 countries (USA, EU and Ukraine), and have helped almost 1000 people to gain rights to their trademarks. In May 2018, we attracted investment from the Hong Kong Accelerator – Betatron. In October 2018, in cooperation with the world’s unicorn company, Bitfury, we launched the copyrights registration on the blockchain. The fact that the system already works has been proven in courts in the USA and China. For today, here on the website, or here on Facebook Messenger, you can register your trademark in the USA with a $50 discount (promo code - PatentBotProductHuntUSA) and in the EU with €40 discount (promo code -PatentBotProductHuntEU) and get your IP copyrighted for just $9.90. Have a question about PatentBot? Feel free to ask me anything.
Caleb Sylvest
Caleb Sylvest@calebsylvest · Partner & Experience Designer
Why do all the comments, reviews, and upvotes on this product look like total spam! Backed by obviously fake accounts. Clearly something fishy is going on here, yet the post is still #1... @producthunt
Valentin Pivovarov
Valentin PivovarovMaker@valentin_pivovarov · Contributor Forbes
@producthunt @calebsylvest I am so sorry, but where is spam? you can see that all of users have registered more than a year ago. We are real product that have real users.
Nataly Komarnytska
Nataly Komarnytska@natali_komarnytskaya · LegalTech
It's a new era of copyright registration! So amazing feature!
Katerina Korogod
Katerina Korogod@katerina_korogod
I mean It's very comfortable service.
Valentin Pivovarov
Valentin PivovarovMaker@valentin_pivovarov · Contributor Forbes
Good and innovative service!