Trademark registration via chatbot

PatentBot is the first legal chatbot that helps you to register your cool trademark in FB messenger. You should just answer bot questions to check the availability of a trademark and register it. Our Bot was mentioned to be best legal innovation in 2017 by HiiL Justice Accelerator. So no more need to go to lawyers, just TM it!

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Last year I needed to get some information about patenting of my project and this supergirl - I mean - PatentBot - gave me all value recommendations how I can do it the best way. Thanks!


Easy. Comfortable. Quick.


Cheap ;)

Comfortable, cheep, useful

It’s very useful for startups and small businesses. Very easy and there are some free options for trying.

You can check your trademark in secs!


Easy and user-friendly


Only on Fb

Hey! Thanks for nominating PatentBot @goldenkittymeow ! 🏆 PatentBot is a chatbot in FB Messenger that helps you to register your trademark (brand name) in 5 minutes. Just 5 easy steps to do that: 1) Search and check TM availability; 2) Just answer a few simple questions; 3) Pay official and legal fees directly in your messenger; 4) Track your TM application; 5) Get your certificate. Since July 2017, with our team PatentBot became: - One of the best legal innovation in 2017 - We have ~ 7% of all TM registration market in Ukraine 🇺🇦 - We scaled to the USA in December and recently had dozens of paid costumers here 🇺🇸 - More than 1 000 000 sent messages and hundreds of new TM. Next steps are China and EU 🚀 Please, check our bot and ask your questions in the comments. 🙏 If you need a trademark, just TM it with promo code PatentbotUSA here 👉 Best, PatentBot team
Great idea and a very useful service! Good luck guys!