Trademark registration via chatbot

PatentBot is the first legal chatbot that helps you to register your cool trademark in FB messenger. You should just answer bot questions to check the availability of a trademark and register it. Our Bot was mentioned to be best legal innovation in 2017 by HiiL Justice Accelerator. So no more need to go to lawyers, just TM it!

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Hi everyone! Chris, thanks for hunting us. It is our first launch on Product Hunt, so all of us are excited. Our team built PatentBot - chatbot in Facebook Messenger that helps you to register your cool trademark in 5 minutes. Why did we make it? Trademark registration process takes us a lot of time and efforts, including a list of all the needed requirements and necessary papers, the time spent at the lawyer’s office and so on. Another reason against offline registration is that people think, the registration will cost them an arm and a leg. Understanding of these facts often stops brands and start-ups from having their trademark registered at the very beginning, as everyone focuses at lots of work to get some kind of a shadowy result and not at all the absolute benefits, which the brand will get afterwards. Finally, the need of registering your TM from the outset beats a person’s brain out and a lot of people and companies with a certain name and reputation face legal problems in future. Her name is Patentbot and yes, it’s Her, not It! For two weeks the bot was working in a test mode — she was conducting searches through the list of registered brands and checked whether the TM you want to register is available. If your TM is engaged, the bot informs you how, when and by whom your idea was stolen right under your nose. 🙂 During this time bot was mentioned as the best legal innovation in 2017 by Hague Institute of Innovation in Law, we had hundreds of paid customers, thousands of unique users. Please test PatentBot and Just TMing your cool brand name without lawyers, papers and extra money spent, of course!
@valentin_pivovarov hi! neat product. trying to use it but I'm having an issue w/ the form. will not accept any form of my #. tried with international code, +1, no +, etc.
@gooderdle 10 min and it will work. Thanks for the feedback. We had some troubles with mobile number validation.
@gooderdle so, it should work by now
Wow! Didn't know it's possible to register a trademark via just a bot
@paul_shuteyev Thank you! Just TM it :) 🚀

Nice bot, highly recommended for any business


one stop bot for trademark registration, easy, effective, relatively cheap


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Thanks, Taras!🚀
Having some issues with the Trademark Register Form; It keeps erroring on the last field, Phone Number, with, "Please Match the Requested Format" (Which I have done as well as tried every other phone number format I know). Sent you an email just in case you don't see it here:). Overall, love the idea. Was just looking for any easy way two days ago and the gods answered!
@taylorbarr thank you, Taylor. We will check it right now. Regarding these issues, we have done "bot for bot" that sends us all errors :)
@taylorbarr Taylor, It should work by now. Thanks for feedback
It's perfect use case for a bot!
@agamanyuk it is great to hear from you, Alexander. Just as cool as botmakers ;)