Patent Wall Art

Turn your hobbies & Intrests into unique & modern home decor

Patent Wall Art offers beautifully designed patent prints using some of the most innovative & everyday inventions, products & more!

We restore & apple 4 unique styles to the patents; Chalkboard, Vintage, Blueprint & White, allowing our prints to suit any home decor. All poster printed on 180gsm matt paper with free international shipping!

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Hi there product hunt team! I'm Sam, the maker of patent wall art & am on the lookout for some feedback for the site & some opinions of our products! A bit about me & the store, I'm a designer who back in the summer of 2016 started selling these patents prints on Etsy which I had produced in the past for myself as I love the unique minimal designs! I saw there was a big demand for this type of product so wanted to create a one-stop shop for a range of patent prints, starting the creation of patent wall art. I'm really excited for you all to check out my website & can't wait to hear your feedback! As a thank you for your time I would like to offer all product hunt members a 20% discount code! Simply enter: PRODHUNT at checkout. Thanks! - Sam
@patentwallart Hey Sam! Your product looks amazing. And thanks for discount! :) Be sure to check out our tool , it will be very interesting to you.
Great job !! Loved the concept 😊
@ayush_chandra Thanks, Ayush! The great thing is there so many patents out there the product possibilities are endless!
Nice, these are super clean :) Any possibility of custom patent prints -- would be a cool touch to be able to put up your own patents in your home or office :)
@wtwht Thanks Charlie! We actually have a custom patent form you can use if you would like us to use a specific or your own patent! You can find the page here:
Cool! I am glad that today people still have fresh ideas.