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We are super excited to show our product to the Product Hunt community! :) Google coded Google Patents back in 2006. So long ago we weren't even allowed to (legally) drink. But then they left it alone, for 9 LONG Internet years. Since then, Twitter launched. The first iPhone came out. Even Beileber became a noun. That's why out of frustration we've modernized the design. Making it Web 2.0—and keeping it free. Basically, if you like what Wikiwand did for Wikipedia, you're going to love this. So please, let us know how we did...And ask tons of questions! Cheers!
@steven_rushing are you thinking user profiles for the future? (i.e. I see the patent holder and want contact info). could help both patent holder and patent monk searcher
@edwinespinosa09 This is an incredibly smart idea and one we were hoping to poll the community of new email subscribers we get on it. Short answer though...YES, we think this could be huge way to help individuals looking to find the patent owners. Whether for litigation purposes, licensing, etc.
Love the Hero v. Zero motto lol. Really appreciate the feedback. Hopefully legal tech isn't too boring for @producthunt
@producthunt @steven_rushing I think it's one of those things that might not be too exciting but can make or break a product/ startup. Thanks for building this.
@producthunt @irvingtorresyc Fingers crossed. Thanks!
Thanks this looks like a great resource. Plus I appreciate that it includes Canadian patents too!
@simbriana Thanks for the feedback! We definitely included Canadian patents, but to be honest we've been trying to get Japanese and some other strange language ones in there and it's TOUGH lol. So happy you found it useful!
@steven_rushing hahaha I get that. Don't be too hard on yourselves - I'm sure you'll get there! You can't do it all perfectly and at once.
@simbriana How true you are. Thanks again!
@simbriana @steven_rushing Yeah we're looking at grabbing from many other sources including possibly the European Stage soon too. Know anyone who speaks French? ;)
I think this is a great research tool for new inventors and founders looking to secure patents. Just gave it a quick spin. I don't know a ton about this space but I know that this is a HERO and not a ZERO (as Lori from Sharktank says).
Thanks Irving! Ya we've put a lot of work into this to make this a winner for legal professionals who have been wanting these features for years.