Patch Slack App

Turn Slack into a podcast player

Patch Slack App turns Slack into your podcast app. Discover, share, follow, and listen to podcasts right in Slack.

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Hey PH, Thanks for taking a look at Patch. We're building tools to bring audio into the workplace including our newest product (Patch Slack App) which allows you and your team to discover, share, follow, and listen to any podcast right in Slack. This will also integrate with our other tools focused on helping companies communicate internally using audio. Our beta launch is out now and we want your help improving the features. On top of following shows, seeing what shows are popular on your team, and quickly listening to podcasts, we are building features like: - Notifications to send you a daily digest of new episodes exactly when you want it (e.g. maybe your morning commute, or your lunch break) - Subscribe a Slack channel to a podcast to send new episodes to your entire team and to start conversations around the episode - Recommend episodes and shows based on your listening history, what's trending, etc. Happy to answer any questions and would love feedback to make this even more useful. Miles & The Patch Team
This is a sweet idea, congrats! Can't wait to queue up some Lore episodes 👻
But I use Slack for work..
@lyondhur one of the most popular places people listen to podcasts. Also we're building tools to allow you keep up with work news with audio vs long emails, intranets, etc.
@milesdepaul that's a neat idea. I can definitely see some people using such tools. I myself would not listen to a podcast while working on/with Slack. In my humble opinion, most people create and embrace a lot of unnecessary extra noise and layers of complications to the detriment of their own work, performance and also their very fulfilment. If one needs all those apps, tricks & hacks to "improve productivity" it may be simpler than imagined: the goal is not big nor clear enough; neither is the commitment to achieve it. I'd say just sit the F down and do the work. Get it done. Get the reward. Noise comes later. But I digress.. Best of luck with the project mate.
@lyondhur fair points. The goal is that Patch helps people engage with both internal and external audio content on the go. Many companies publish internal podcasts and this enables employees to listen, comment, and share on-the-go in the Slack mobile app (as well as desktop). I agree podcasts are best for walking, exercising, driving, etc., And these are great times to catch up on important work information too. Thanks for the input!
@milesdepaul most welcome mate. Keep up the good work.