Quickly get feedback on the designs you've created

Pastryy is a design feedback website that offers feedback on the designs you've created in as little as 24 hours. The goal of this website is to provide designer feedback, so that you can take that feedback and improve your designs.
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When I first started to design I was always looking for feedback on the designs I was working on. I wanted to create a website that allowed designers or teams of designers to get quality feedback on their designs quickly. If you have any questions about Pastryy don't hesitate to reach out. Looking forward to helping designers all around the world.
Wow! It looks great! I think it will be very useful for designers.
@dzheyson_skott Thank you so much! You should sign up to our free trial!
@dzheyson_skott Would love to show you how we can help!
I really like the idea but how does the reviewing process go,how many people are reviewing it and how do I guarantee that they're skilled enough to review my design
@awab_nero Hey Awab great question man. I've been getting this a lot and I completely understand why. Right now I'm the only one providing feedback, I'm currently working on getting other designers on board. To give you some background about me, I've been designing for 5 years now, but I've been designing other products for about 3 years. I own my own studio called Sauce Designs you can learn more about us here: I'm also pushing a new social network... the first version of the app is in the app store under the name "Chad: Reinventing Chatrooms" I didn't design this app unfortunately, but we're about to release and update for Chad. With the update we're changing the name to Clava and integrating a whole new design. You can learn more about it here (refreshing this website soon): And of course I also designed/develped Pastryy. I here your concerns but I want to encourage you to give our 7 day free trial a chance. I'd love to show you the quality feedback I can provide to you!
product looks sooooo clean
@besiana_sheshi Thankkk youuuuuuu <3
Great job!!😊 Will check it out
@ayush_chandra Let me know what you think! We have a 7 day free trial right now, would love to show you the feedback we can provide you.