Inter-device copy and paste

#3 Product of the DayApril 27, 2019
Paste.Work saves your time in a workshop or a seminar or if you are working on someone else's computer and want to copy and paste something from that device to your device or want to share a link to everyone in seminar Paste.Work allows you to do it easily.
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Some more features like extending time and all can be implemented


Awesome product


Can improve UI

Hi everyone! 👋 I'm excited to share Paste.Work with you all. So what is it, you might ask? Paste.Work is a web app that allows you to easily copy and paste any text between devices. We've all done it at some point. While in a seminar or working on a public computer where you don’t want to login into your mail or something but want some text/URL from that computer to be copied to your device or sometimes you want to share a link with everyone in a seminar. I created Paste.Work with the goal of making these Inter-Device Copy Pasting tasks easy where all you have to do is write your text in one device and click Copy and you will get a small easy to remember the code. Now move onto the next device and click on Paste and then enter your code or if in a seminar share that code with everyone and boom you have that text in your other device/devices. The recent soft launch between my friends generated lots of positive feedback, so it gave me the confidence to launch it here. Thank you in advance PH Community, for taking the time to read and checking it out. I hope Paste.Work is useful to you all. And as always, any feedback is much appreciated. Have an awesome day! 🙂
@itanish It'd be great if you could get SSL on this asap; you can get a certificate for free on Cloudflare or on Secure My Website
@amrith Done got the SSL certificate. Thanks for your feedback
Great job!! 😁 Could you do some more tweaks in the UI. Rest the concept is absolutely required
@ayush_chandra Yes sure...Thanks for the feedback.

I am using this for data received between email n whatsapp to share more faster in relevant groups.


Good idea .. great work



I think this idea is not new, I use daily sites like, to do the same. Well try though.