PastBook Elite

Gorgeous Photo Books, made for you by a Pro. Hassle-free.

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Christoph Auer-Welsbach
Christoph Auer-Welsbach@awchristoph · Partner, IBM Ventures | Founder, City.AI
Pastbook, the perfect solution to get your photos in an easy and professional way out of the data / photo sump back to the real life. Great, love it!
Stefano Cutello
Stefano CutelloMaker@stefanocutello · CEO, PastBook
Founder here. At PastBook we are on mission to help people preserve and relive memories in the easiest way possible. I'm so proud that with PastBook Elite we made a step towards achieving that mission: we are in the process of disrupting some principles of an industry that still sees most of the users struggling with very complicated tools when it comes to creating a keepsake of their memories. That's why so many people that try to use those tools keep postponing creating one. From now on, with PastBook Elite, any time you think about creating a photo book you just have to send your photos to an Elite Designer and you're done: he/she will do all the hard work for you. Happy to hear your feedback! Use invitation code "PHUNT" to get $15 OFF!