Team Password Manager For Your Business

Passwork is like «Dropbox» for passwords! Store all of your team passwords in protected vaults, collaborate with teammates, track changes, monitor security and use one click logon. Cloud and Self-Hosted Editions.

Product looks great... But, in a category as sensitive as password protection it would be good (critical?) to communicate who's behind the product on the site - to build trust. Currently, there's no about page or about messaging on the homepage. There's also only a single referral from a Russian URL for social proof and two footer links to Russian sites which doesn't help. I'd get the founders' story on the site ASAP to start building trust and engaging visitors.
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@beentech @bramk Thanks for the update. My comments were focused on the likely impression a new visitor would have after visiting the site (without having first visited PH) - hope they help :)
@bramk @simonmactaggart yeah, it was helpful, we got some similar feedback and put this issue on the top in our schedule
Connects employees, colleagues, and clients while also providing secure collaboration with protected passwords
Hi, producthunters! my name is Iliya Garakh and i'm a founder and CTO in Passwork. We are working on «about» section with some video about us, but until it's done i'm gonna tell you few words about Passwork Passwork is a product of 2 companies (both are mostly located in Russian): 1. Primepix ( i'm a founder and CTO in Primepix (my linkedin account Primepix is a software development studio, we've been working more than 6 years, 20 employees in our Russian office. Our general directions are IT startup development and some outsourcing services for the USA. 2. Konfeta ( The second founder of Passwork is Andrew Piankov, owner of design studio «Konfeta» (means Candy in english). They are located in Russian too, general directions are identical design (logos, brands) and interfaces. Unfortunate, our company sites don't have English versions. But you can ask/twit/skype/whatever me, and i give a try to answer. So Passwork is not a standard startup with a small team living by one project, we are growth businesses, and we create Passwork basing on our own resources without external investments. Few years ago i faced a problem — how to store passwords within a team. I used local password managers and they were not suitable for collaboration in our team. We tried to find any solution, but actually nothing was ok for us. And that's how we decided to create our own product with advanced features for working in a team. And at the first steps we even didn't plan to go it public. But it had grown up in production ready stage and we published it for Russian market and now one year ago we have been marketing Passwork worldwide.
Is there a way to migrate from LastPass?
@recal1brate it's in a plan and going to be released soon.
It WOULD be useful to have a team version of something like LastPass. One where team members could login and use hashed passwords to access sites without enabling them to see the actual passwords.