Passport Simple

Never forget to renew your passport again!

#4 Product of the DayAugust 04, 2018

Never forget to renew your passport again.

Get a reminder in your inbox when you have to make a new one!

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I might be missing something here, but how is this any more valuable than setting a calendar reminder or using any other reminder system that's free?
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@alexfu914 That’s basically the case for almost every online service :) Why paying for Dropbox when you could build your own storage and sharing server? Or you just click and it’s done :)
@alexfu914 @simonrobic but...creating an email reminder in Google calendar is quite a lot different than making your own cloud hosting service. A gcal reminder is just a few clicks.
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@alexfu914 @rmhildebrandt Still, most people don't do it :) I'm not saying you're wrong, but that even if you could do what you describe tons of people still forget to renew their passport :) But I'm happy if, because of Passport Simple, you thought to add a reminder in your Calendar. Now you're safe! :)
Will this site really be around in 10 years when my passport expires?
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@cenk That is a good one!
@cenk No service can guaranty that, but I rely on Google services to store the email and expiry date so even if my website goes down, the email can still be sent :)
@cenk @simonrobic so.... the same services that run google calendar?

just don't


If you're looking for a way to waste $5, this is it.


Easier, freer, and more reliable to set a reminder in google calendar.

Who would waste 5$ in a latté to go @ starbuck when you can really create your own for near free @ home ??? Millions of people a day !!! So ? Money ( 5$ ) can't be a subject on a product like this. Open your mind mister Pritzker, the world has changes ;)
🤩Hi guys! I'm really happy to share my new project, PassportSimple. 🧐What is it? We all know at least a friend or a family member who had a trip ruined because he/she forgot to renew his/her passport. Most countries ask for at least 6 months of passport validity after your return day to let you in, so your passport could still be valid but not enough to travel. PassportSimple is a service that sends you a reminder 7 months before the end of your passport for you not to forget to renew it! 🤓Who is behind PassportSimple? Me :) As you can see on my ProductHunt profile, I already launched (a service that sends you monthly emails with the best flight offers from your city). I'm also a PMM at iAdvize and a (small) investor at Numa, Revolut, Monzo and Clever Cloud. 🤑Do you make money with that? I think that PassportSimple is really valuable since it can help you save your holidays. But since it's a really simple tool, it's only $5 per reminder. It will help me run the service in the long term and build other tools in the future :) 😮What are the next steps? Well, we first want to have your feedbacks and see if you like it :) Then, I'm sure there are other services we can add to help you even more :) 😍Can't wait to read your feedback and to answer to your questions!
Trying to understand the advantage of this over a reminder in my cal? Maybe I'm missing something
@yo pretty much...
@yo because nobody remind to create a reminder in its own cal to not to forget about passport ;) In 8 years time, you will smile if you spend a fiver, and that will push you 8 years back in the past. In a way that is a bargain !
@yo @cahtartiste but if someone forgets to set a calendar reminder, wouldn't they also forget to go set their passport expiry date on another website?
@julien731 ;) ;) , if another site do the same, it means this idea has potential ! And to say it in french : "C'est mieux d'avoir ceinture et bretelle :) "