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I guess the UK passport will drop a few ranks in coming years...
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@boogsau And depending where the US presidential election shakes out...
This is awesome! See pictures of all the world's passports. Then separately see a leaderboard of which passports have the most 'power' (visa free travel); and compare passports against each other. Super interesting.
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@_jacksmith Thanks for posting Jack! The site is done very well! This is surely interesting.
Nice, but can we also have a list of all Visa free countries for each passport? Something like this: http://www.visamapper.com/
@nenaddmc Also we have something like this http://trickorvisa.com
@fehim @nenaddmc I'd love if you guys implemented comparisons. E.g. two maps side-by-side, or an opacity overlay (that might get messy though).
It'd also be cool to have an average time of getting visa listed.
Just one question: Why does this go to a goo.gl link? It's super disturbing when I'm in China and can't open because it's blocked...
@askdaylen thanks, I found it randomly in the form of a thenextweb article but admins should check if the link is direct because this way many users will get frustrated (khm @bentossell just a thought...)