Passible (iOS)

Password management made simple

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looks attractive but don't understand how it works without a desktop/web interface?
It'd be good if we could get the makers in here to find out what makes this better than what's currently out there (e.g. LastPass, which I use).
@riaface I agree Ria. I see the founder has commented regarding lack of desktop but I'm a longtime 1password user and would be loath to add another app into the mix.... tough market to crack and sometimes just because something looks pretty that's not enough for the weary among us :-)
@helencrozier - we took a mobile first approach. the pain of typing tiny passwords on small keyboards + the pain of having your credit cards /pin code/etc with you on your mobile devices while on the go. We took that and made it as attractive and as efficient as we can. Give it a whirl and you'll see the difference from other mobile platforms. Thanks :-)
@riaface - the main issue that we handled was ease of use (attractiveness is definitely one thing, but ease of use was the main). The real issue is that most people dont use password managers because they are not convenient as they could be. Thats where we put emphasis. Give a try for a few mins and you'll see. and of course - we'd love feedback!
@bennyshaviv bit of a time investment involved though Benny if we have already spent many hours loading up our existing systems with data. Perhaps you'd be better off targeting those who don't use anything yet... It's a big ask getting anyone who already uses a system that sync to desktop and or web to use a separate mobile system no matter how attractive it is. I'll have a look as requested though and wish you luck.
@bennyshaviv I agree with @helencrozier here - my LastPass is chockablock! It would be great if there was some kind of import function from other services, but that's probably fraught with security issues :) I'll take a peek because I'm very easily swayed by good design, and Passible looks nice!
@helencrozier I thought the same thing when you brought up the missing desktop piece. I'm currently using 1Password on Mac and iOS, I cannot imagine using it on iOS without the Mac component. Since I use 1Password to generate the passwords too (up to 50char with special symbols), I feel that just having a mobile only password manager without the generator portion seems like meh. Especially when iOS and OSX Safari can remember credit card and passwords (and generate them!) for you now.
This looks beautiful! As a dashlane user I wish they would buy this and update their interface :) in the meantime I've put just about every account in dash lane so am currently locked in