A repository of password requirements for websites and apps.

Have you ever forgot a password and went to reset it, only to find out that the reason you couldn't remember it was due to some bizarre requirement or complicated password rules? This reference site tries to help prevent that from happening.
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Hey everyone! The other day I was trying to log in to my Starbucks account and didn't realize until I went to reset my password that a symbol is required in it. Once I figured that out I quickly remembered my password, but it aggravated me enough that I built this site to help myself and others combat that issue in advanced. I know, password managers exist. But sometimes I've had problems with them integrating with mobile apps or even some web clients, so I figured a reference like this could be handy regardless. That's it, that's the whole site.
If you’ve had trouble with password managers, I would recommend BitWarden. Not affiliated in any way, just a satisfied user. Never had any problems. Free and open source. (Never use a closed source password manager.)
Great job!😊 Will check it out!
Great idea! Would be awesome if this type of functionality could be integrated into a Chrome extension (maybe even a password manager extension). It would be neat if the password generator generated a compliant password right off the bat.