Passepartout VPN

An user-friendly OpenVPN® client for iOS and macOS

Passepartout is an easy-to-use OpenVPN client, that integrates natively with your platform, provides presets for major VPN providers and supports trusted networks.

Currently for iOS, soon for macOS. 100% open source!



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Davide De Rosa
Davide De RosaMaker@keeshux · #Bitcoin and #VPN
Ciao! I'm Davide, @keeshux on the Internet, and I am a former iOS/mobile lead at Private Internet Access and early Bitcoin tech blogger. Passepartout is the spin-off of a project that originally had a different goal. However, after leaving PIA, I thought that Apple users deserved something better than OpenVPN Connect. An app with a native L&F and effective, no-fuss UI/UX. Users hate clumsy looks and animations in VPN apps. Users need a stable connection and meaningful features. After all, these apps are mostly background daemons. Here comes Passepartout to the rescue: - Handle multiple profiles in a single place. - No web services, ads or any undesired bloat besides the VPN itself. - Fine-tune encryption without tweaking any configuration file. - Pick pre-resolved endpoints when DNS is problematic. - Trust cellular or Wi-Fi networks to fine-grain your connectivity. - Import .ovpn configuration files. - Full transparency on what servers you're connecting to. However, the "killer feature" of Passepartout is (will be) the ability to act as an universal client with network presets, i.e. a static API the app uses to infer how to connect to well-known VPN networks without relying on proprietary clients. Unsurprisingly, Private Internet Access is the first network to be integrated, but truth is that everyone can submit new VPN infrastructures via GitHub! Indeed, because Passepartout is open source (GPL) and fully available on GitHub: - Stay tuned for the macOS version -and maybe more platforms? Wanna take kindness to the next level? Support me on Patreon for sneak peeks, early betas and more: - Cheers, Davide P.S.: Passepartout is a non-official client and is in no way affiliated with OpenVPN Inc.