Fully automatic mileage tracker

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Erik Torenberg
Erik TorenbergHiring@eriktorenberg · Former Product Hunt
could be awesome to make scrap books of road trips and things of the sort. what apps do you all use to journal?
Gozde Aksay
Gozde Aksay@gozdeaksay · Senior software engineer at Capsule
I have been using Rove - to log all my activity in the background, without any input from me. Interesting to see that you need to check-in for your trip first with Passenger. I wonder what kind of advantage/disadvantage it brings.
Rotem Rubnov
Rotem RubnovMakerHiring@rotemrubnov · Founder, @psngrapp
@gozdeaksay Rove is a great app indeed, but for a different purpose. :-) Passenger tracks mileage primarily for tax-deduction and reimbursement. Also, the latest version of the app tracks your trips automatically and detects/splits different travel modes on your trip.
Rotem Rubnov
Rotem RubnovMakerHiring@rotemrubnov · Founder, @psngrapp
Travel is tax-deductible. However, to be able to deduct business mileage from your taxable income you need proof, aka detailed trip logs. Passenger automates trip logging using the GPS and motion sensors on your mobile device. Simply install Passenger app and let it track all your trips in the background. A must-have tool for anyone driving or commuting on business.