First of its kind no code identity verification engine

Passbase is an identity verification solution that helps companies onboard users from over 190 countries and screen 6,000 government IDs. It can be integrated with no code at all or natively on web, mobile and in check out flows in a matter of seconds.
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Hi everyone! CPO of Passbase here. We started Passbase because we want to build the trust layer for the internet which is important for the next wave of online products and society at large. We spent the last 8 months reimagining how to make secure and trusted identity verification more accessible and we’re very proud to share this with you today. We want to say a big thank you to the awesome companies and teams that supported us from day one and whose feedback and feature requests made us stronger. Some of the features that we're most proud of to highlight are: - No code verification via a web link - UI customizations - Built in Anti Money Laundering - Native support with APIs and mobile SDKs - Verification automations Give it a try - we'd love to hear your feedback. My cofounders - Mathias and Dave - and I will be responding all day and look forward to hearing your thoughts! Thank you, Felix 💙Enjoy the free trial when you sign up and the 3 months subscription fee waiver will be automatically applied once you upgrade at any time in the future.
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Hi Felix, congrats on the launch. I've signed up for Passbase. How does the offer work?
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Hi @giordanoworboy we automatically waive three months of subscription fees for all packages if you activate a plan today, which is pretty exciting. No strings attached. The offer ends by the end of the day! 🙏
Wow, that is an easy and slick way to verify customers. In travel we have issues with fraud i am looking forward to verify future bookings with you guys. How long does it take to get online? Is there any long waiting approval needed?
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Hi @naibaf - you can get up and running in a few minutes (depends also on if you want to customize your flow with UI and other steps).
@dave_mcgibbon1 that is awesome and exactly what we need. I just registered and verified myself within seconds.
@naibaf Awesome, we're here if you have more questions!
Sounds like a very promising and handy service! Great job. How does it work exactly under the wood?
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Thank you @phenrysay! Once you as a company sign up you'll be able to start verifying users by integrating natively (we've got SDKs for iOS and Android or on web) or via a weblink. Users go through 3 quick steps including document upload and then you can approve or reject the results from your dashboard.
This product is great and much needed! The team are super responsive, personable and have improved the identify verification process!
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Hi @neelpopat, great to hear from you! Looking forward to see Donut conquering the crypto fintech market!