Connecting people who love to party - anytime, anywhere.

PartyWith (formerly Party with a Local) is no longer just a travel app! Being one tap away from discovering great people and great events, all over the world is central to the new app experience. PartyWith anyone, anywhere, anytime!

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Great app! Most "meeting" apps give you the feeling that it's about meeting individuals. Truly think you guys aced this issue. The UI gives the feeling it's less about meeting individuals and it's more about experiences.
@djgeorgemoore thanks Joris! Exactly what we are going for & couldn’t have said it better myself 😊
Thanks for hunting us (again) @bramk! An update on why we've re-launched and re-branded as PartyWith (formerly Party with a Local). We’ve simply outgrown the with 'a Local' part — we’ve long been more than just a travel app, that connects travelers and locals. Our most active members, in cities like Amsterdam and New York, are actually using the app every week to discover events meet new people in their own cities! We needed our name to reflect that. And PartyWith says it all & is much shorter (& sweeter) too. The App has been rebuilt from the ground up (for iOS, Android next) and being one tap away from discovering great people and great events, all over the world, is central to the new app experience. With ‘Explore’ where you can immediately find out what’s on and answer more common questions like: 'What’s on tonight?' 'Where?' 'Who’s going?' What’s new?' 'Who’s new?' 'Who’s out tonight I can party with!?' The overall end goal doesn’t change - we’re all about connect people in real life for shared (nightlife) experiences. But that doesn’t have to be the immediate and only goal. The discovery of events, people, and other cities and the journey to get there can be just as important, fun and engaging. And that's what you can do with PartyWith. We’ve gone for a minimal, smart, clean & intuitive design (a far cry from v1.0 of Party with a Local, which one guy on Product Hunt commented: 'worst product I've ever seen, would not trust' 😂) Super proud of the big update, the new name, and especially our team @travelala10dl @felipericieri @jaapbakker @jdk2588 for getting us to this point! (also our awesome community of users, who constantly inspire us, give us ideas, and with which the app would not work without). Would love to hear some feedback from the Product Hunt community!
Exciting to see how the product keeps evolving, and the community growing around the world. Some of the updates should definitely help to solve past problems (i.e. people using it as a dating app, was a problem for me personally 😀) Would definitely give the app another try when traveling soon! And really enjoyed the post by @dan_fennesy about the Why behind what the team is doing. 🙌🏻 Good luck with it!!!
Thanks @aleks_muse! As part of the evolution we're no longer an app just to use when traveling. Give it a try in your own city too 😊
@aleks_muse On the dating app thing, which is definitely not what we're about (there's enough of those) - that reminds me of another important part of the update: Gender filters are no more! As PartyWith is NOT A DATING APP, having gender filters was helping some people use the app in the wrong way. To prevent that, we’re getting rid of the gender filter altogether. Partying doesn’t discriminate based on gender!
@dan_fennessy exactly, I meant that this update with no gender filters should be a good solution!
From all the user interviews we did prepping for this release, users' favorite thing about the app is discovering events via it! Since all our events are "hunted" by the community, you get big festivals, intimate parties, and everything in between - all in one clean straightforward UI. Facebook can't do the same!
"What's happening in Amsterdam?", "Who's up for a food festival in Berlin?" [like I am], "Who's out right now in New York?" These are the kind of questions that our brand new Home screen (aptly named as "Explore" screen) is solving for our community! The moment you enter the app you can easily explore what's going on - awesome events & people to... Party With! :parry-parrot: