Record shareable looping GIFs in seconds

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PARTYVISION is an awesome app. Love the beautiful interface along with ability from in app to share your gif to numerous text and social apps. Bravo @justifyles and @ryanmeador! Keep up the awesome work.
Oh snap! Thanks for the feature. We spun PARTYVISION out of our other app, Cast, when our users told us they've never seen something so awesome. We figured - why not let anyone shoot quick, looping videos of the party and share it out to the messenger app of their choice? Tweet us at @PARTYVISION_app and let us know what you think! If you tweet us with a dope PARTYVISION, we'll even retweet you.
Love this, really fun app!
very nice.. i am creating some cool stuff with this app
As soon as I downloaded PARTYVISION I wanted to use it (and I did). Good stuff @justinfyles and @ryanmeador!