Capture life with friends

Hi Everyone. Super excited to introduce PartyCam. Itay and I wanted to solve 2 problems.

First one is that there was not great solution to capture life with friends and share it outside the group.

Second was that we wanted to let people create stories based on topic and keep adding to them over time and share them anywhere.

hope you enjoy it.

You can create any party. Solo or with your friends, and parties can be private just between the group or sharable anywhere. Parties we saw beta users create ranged from a daily video journals, friends and family trips, food diary, daily selfies, and many others. We are super curious what the community can think about. So for example you can create a daily video diary, or create with your wife a journal of your baby growing up, or start a journal of your food explorations, and invite people to watch that journal via Twitter, Facebook, iMessage, email, etc.
Great job!! 😊
Looks good :)