Party Qs

An app that starts conversations

Party Qs is an app that asks interesting questions that start conversations

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3 Reviews5.0/5
Interesting use cases as provided from the landing page: "Party Qs was created for three reasons: - to help people with social anxiety - to empower people to have interesting conversations, and - to minimize "phubbing" at social gatherings."
Saved 20 favorites already. Which you more upvotes

Am an introvert and this app is a gold mine for me .


love the endless questions


Need more category and work on the UI

Awesome idea, as a person disliking small talk I'm totally in love with this. Not sure how/if I would bring up the app during e.g. date night (might be a bit awkward, shows lack of own imagination), but even in such situations its a great preparation and inspiration :))


Awesome idea, lots of good questions, nice UI, inobtrusive ads


more categories would be eventually nice (over time)

I think there should be a way to share the questions on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as images + url.
@chaibizi hey, cofounder of party qs here. Any idea how to do this?
@daveschools_ currently there's only sharing to Twitter, without the images but just the url. Sharing the questions as images to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for people to ask questions to their TLs will be fun.
@chaibizi We just released the update that allows users to share questions on IG, FB, and Twitter as images + URL.