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430+ icebreaker questions with sleek interface

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May I, Product Hunt? Allow me to introduce you to the beginning of the end of what HuffPo calls "phubbing" (phone snubbing). Awkward silences have met their demise. Boredom is finished. And date night just got hotter. Party Qs is an app with questions. For table intercourse, mountain hikes, and long roadtrips, Party Qs has four categories: Campfire, Deep, Date Night, and Zany. Choose the one that best fits your setting. My technical partner CP and I made this social lubrication app to help those with social anxiety. To break through the fear of groups, one often just needs a question. A good question. We hope that by using Party Qs, you'll find exactly that. Star your favorites for later use. Chatter a bit on Twitter (each question is hashtagged). Or submit your own questions and get credit as the author (and today only, any PHers who submit a question can win a $65 gift card to the god of ecommerce, Amazon). Add Party Qs to your app repertoire and ask great questions. It's time to get weird. We hope you enjoy Party Qs. Dave & CP
@daveschools_ TLDR summary: Always use this lubrication app before table intercourse ;)
@daviswbaer In so many words, yes. Conversations are supposed to be fun and interesting. I'm afraid we are becoming too focused on our phones. These questions are to help get the attention off our devices and back to our friends. Thank you for the summary @daviswbaer
@daviswbaer Thanks for checking out the app!
@daveschools_ I like it. Clean and simple UI. 👍
@kbclauson Thank you for the pleasant comment. A clean and simple UI was certainly our aim!
I've been using PartyQs for several months now and it never lets me down. Whip it out, start asking the question prompts to your group of friends, and you're set for an evening full of awesome discourse. A must download to have handy at any moment!! :-)
@gretglyer Thanks Gret! Glad to see you're enjoying Party Qs :)
I'm glad you're liking it, @gretglyer! We'll keep the questions coming!
Awesome app :)
@daviswbaer Many thanks, Davis!
Good job on this! Finally a curation of awesome questions
@kennybatista Thanks Kenny! Yes, we got tired of bad questions and terrible UI, so this is our crack at it! Glad you like Party Qs.
I love Party Qs! People generally enjoy answering interesting questions or sharing their thoughts about interesting topics. The problem is, I can't always think of these questions. That's no longer a problem thanks to Party Qs!
@stay1210 Thanks Sam! Happy to see Party Qs fuels your appetite for good conversation.