Party Bot

A bot that helps find the best parties happening near you.

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This is fun — and a great example of a product becoming conversational! As in, you can of course use the PWAL app, but this provides convenient access, especially when traveling or trying out the service.
@chrismessina thanks for hunting Party Bot Chris. Honored that the PH Community Member of the Year & such a chatbot evangelist digs it 😊
Cool way to discover fun things to do both while traveling and at home.
@gillianim thanks Gillian!
Chatbots are (already) the future! Great experience, congrats on the amazing work!! :)
I'm an introvert, so I don't party 🙃. Cool looking bot
Thanks for hunting Chris! Party Bot sources all it's parties / events from the Party with a Local app - all events which have been added by the PWAL community. The idea for Party Bot initially came from us wanting reach our users somewhere they are spending lots of time (who isn't on Facebook!?), to trigger them to use the PWAL app, whilst providing standalone value outside of the app. Party Bot also provides value to people not already on the app. It's just a really simple way to find a community curated list of cool upcoming events in your city. And if you're interested you have the option to join people already going to these events on PWAL. You can share your location and get events at any time, all over the world. You can also sign-up to get weekly 'Party Broadcasts' of upcoming events in some cities - be pinged once a week in Messenger with upcoming events for the coming week / weekend. It's early days for Party Bot, but we see a lot of possibilities to further customize and personalize it in the future. Love to hear some feedback.