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Find a partner to help you keep your New Year's resolutions

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Hey everyone! I built Partners In Grind after seeing how useful it was having a partner to add a habit with. I tried this myself with a stranger I met through reddit for waking up early. it was ridiculously effective - been going strong in the 5am club for a few years now :). Partners In Grind is meant to give the full experience of having a habit partner in crime, and the fact that the partners don’t know each other adds a special element to the game. The core idea is that you’re each committing to the habit on your own, and you’re supposed to “tag” your partner when you complete your habit for the day, which will light a fire under your partner’s ass to get the habit done! The potential of meeting someone awesome is an added bonus. The main function of the site matches you with a partner. In the signup form, one thing you list out are the challenges you face with adding habits. This gives your partner some leverage with how they can actually help you the most to keep you accountable. One other thing that's not advertised as much is I've put together a bunch of videos & pro-tips specific to each habit. These will come straight to your inbox and (hopefully) give you a nice kick when you need it. P.S. Thank you to @Serendipityxyz for inspiring this project!! P.P.S. Any signups from ProductHunt will get Priority matching <3
@ari_bana Just signed up! Can you explain a bit about how the tagging works? PS - Thanks for the shout out! :)
@manasvinik @ari_bana The idea behind “tagging” is that when you do your daily habit, you let your partner know you got it done, which is the “tag,” and they then are instantly incentivized to make sure they perform the habit. It’s a way to gamify the accountability relationship, create somewhat of a friendly competition between partners. Obviously really simple, but there is a bit of science behind it -
@ari_bana love it. Just signed up as well and sent it around to a bunch of other folks!
@themarshalien Thanks for the love and support! Glad to see your name on the sign-up list!
69% of people are more likely to keep up a habit if they have a friend relying on them. 80% of stats are made up on the spot. But seriously, I listened to The Random Show - Recommendations & Resolutions for 2016 with @tferriss & @kevinrose yesterday and Tim talks about being more likely to follow through on something if there is something negative tied to it rather than positive. E.g. more likely to run 10k if you may lose a $100 bet, rather than winning $100. So I think Partners in Grind is interesting in that you bring in a friend to keep your resolution with. The notion of letting them down would likely be a larger motivator than you both succeeding. Also related, if your friend BEAT you and kept the habit and you gave it up, that would also be a great motivator to keep going. @ari_bana would love to hear the story here
@bentossell The implications of negative accountability are a bit mixed. There's a few apps out there who actually make you put money on the line, like Keep Your Fucking Resolutions that just launched on PH and Beeminder... What I've found in a lot of people is those apps work really well.... until you fail to do your habit once and get charged. At that point the experience goes from exciting and high stakes to being pretty negative, which can make it very difficult to have a large scale of long-term users. Like you said, Partners In Grind has a pretty interesting mix of positive and negative enforcement. There's a bit of a fire under your ass, knowing someone else is relying on you just as much as you are to succeed. Competitiveness is also sparked with a natural instinct of being #1 :). It also gives users a positive element through content like strategies, inspiration, and pro-tips, to spark them. At the end of the day, most success with habits truly comes from when a person decides they are going to own their goal no matter what. That is unparalleled in building the strongest habits. Though apps like this can certainly give a solid kick in the right direction :)
@ari_bana totally! Negative accountability works well here though in that you don't want to let your friend down. That's not a material loss so I think it would definitely give you a kick