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Partneroid is a search tool where you can search for brands and the partnerships that they have done
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Thanks @robjama for the hunt :) Hey PH community, I'm Max, Partneroid maker here. Super excited to be launching v1 of our B2B partnerships search tool. We've been working a lot with companies and brands on analyzing their partnerships and built a version of this internally. I thought it'd be really useful to open it up. So what does this do? well you can use this to find & request information on brands and their competitors. But really what we are focused on is deep diving into partnership data. We’re hoping people will find this useful and we’re looking for feedback.
Rob Williger
CEO of Cited, Inc. |Writer|Speaker
I started playing around with this last week and think it has a great design and can be quite a useful tool.
@robertwilliger Thanks for checking it out, if you have questions feel free to message me.
Romain CarpentierImagination governs the world
Hi , very interesting. Even if I could not find much data on the field I'm in (b2b lead gen company). Also can I ask where you find that company data? (for ex Nike)
@romain_carpentier Thanks for checking it out 🙌. Happy to answer any questions. The data for the reports actually comes from a few places 1) Publicly available data - such as financial reports, social accounts etc, we have this typically fed into our back end in realtime 2) Surveys and reports that we've run 3) ...and for some data, we use fairly involved estimation algorithms ( a subset of which is machine learning) New companies and brands are being added all the time, and if you cant find what your looking for, you should definitely submit a request and we'll have a report generated and sent over to you.
Divyansh Patel
UX Designer. Product Hunter 100+🎯
Nice concept @maxonwards , i am very interested to see what are you planning to do in the V2. Any roadmap planned?
Thanks @divjpatel we actually have quite a few items in store for a v2 such as 1. More detailed data on each partnership (outcomes, ranking and upcoming collaborations ) 2. Competitor marketshare 3. Subscription to a direct data feed 4. A relationship graph on how companies and brands are connected. Some of these features we are already using and testing internally. We are also really keen to take on suggestions that people might have, especially when it comes to data that they would find useful.
Branimir HrženjakTech & digital marketing enthusiast.
I've spent a bit of time tinkering with the website, I quite like the design. Looking forward to seeing the product grow! :)
@branimir_hrzenjak Thanks for taking a look. We just launched an API if that's more up your alley.