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Hi guys, Ally here. I'm excited to introduce Partnerade, an online platform that connects tech startups with distributors, resellers and sales agents globally. We recently launched in beta and have a lot planned in terms of product development. Currently working on enhanced search capabilities (including sub-categories), adding a content section, new UX features and a "home" for distributors. We're seeing new products listed every day and distributors are taking note! We're already making matches! Looking forward to your feedback!! :) -Ally
Hi @ayeletlee, interesting idea, could you provide some examples of partners who've experienced success using your platform?
@swetzequity Hi Zach! Thanks for your question. So far we've seen distributors and resellers from the US, Sweden, Germany, Brazil, Columbia, Canada and the UK contact suppliers on our platform. The process of choosing distributors and entering a new market takes time and involves negotiations and due diligence. Therefore we can not comment on specific examples at this point but can say that we are seeing these connections being made on a daily basis. Sometimes several contact requests by different distributors are made to a single company in a day.
Hi @ayeletlee 😄 Congrats first of all! Any specific industries you're targeting for the beta phase or everyone's welcome?
@dvirreznik Hi Dvir! Thank you :) We are currently focused on three industries - Software/SaaS, Hardware/IT and Medical Technologies. We have a large distributor base in these areas and as we speak the network of distributors is growing.