The easiest way to earn crypto

Partiko is the easiest way to earn crypto. Users can make posts on the Steem blockchain through Partiko and earn STEEM by collecting upvotes. They can also earn Partiko Points and convert them into crypto.

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53 Reviews4.7/5

so good the app is, so bad is the steem blockchain. steem has masive problems

- unfortunately, this network is full of egoistic, greedy people.

- for beginners, this network is a horror.

- it is rumored that stinc files for insolvency, 70% of the team have been fired.

- if you are critical against some operators, you rarely have a cut,

- building a business on this blockchain is only supported if the operators or waales have an extreme benefit

- in addition, this blockchain is extremely unstable and is developed extremely unprofessional. sorry for the harsh criticism, one week downtime at the last HF wasn't all

would be cool if another blockchain was used


cool app, well implemented


uses the steem blockchain

How can the app work well if it runs on such a bad blockchain? After all, it uses the blockchain to perform its operations. Can you say what issues the blockchain has that negatively impact the Partiko app?
Cmon.... it is not that bad πŸ˜‰ Steem is one of the fastest blockchain with an ethusiastic community and a lot of developers. It is open source blockchain so everyone can contribute, not just the mother company.
I would say that Partiko is best platform for using steemit. Fast notifications. Simple interface. Cool blogging tools. Messaging feature. Amazing user support. And, what is amazing is that they are continuously working to improve their product. I LOVE PARTIKO β™₯️
This app really made a huge difference for me when I use Steem! It's one of the few super polished apps i've seen when it comes to crypto! Edited: I'm the developer of this app, but I'm a heavy user at the same time.
@dsofter shouldn't you also mention that you're the founder (according to Fast Company, anyway)? Unless your first name just happens to coincide with Sida Wang, the founder?
Great app! I spend a lot of time on Partiko using Steem throughout the day. I love how easy it is to use and how responsive the app is. Great job on a useful app!!
Best platform to use for STEEM in iOS , Android. Needless to say much, you need to download it and just hit sign in, you can feel how easy to use just like other social platform! By @minloulou